ExSPOTic Cats Bengals


In 2020 we made the decision to discontinue breeding.

If you would love to bring a wonderful Bengal to your family, please reach out to our breeder friends listed below. All come highly recommended by us – raising exceptional health, quality, & socialization Bengal Kittens!

Bengals playing on climberLocal – here in New England:

Chris at SpeakEasy Bengals (http://www.speakeasy-bengals.com/)

Other breeders are not in this area so kittens would need to be shipped in, but highly recommended:
Jessica of Liberty Bengals (https://www.libertybengals.com/)
Angie of Leap of Faith Bengals (https://leapoffaithbengals.com/)
Melody of Boyd’s Bengals (http://boydsbengals.com/)
James of PaintedCats Bengals (https://www.paintedcats.com/)

To our past Bengal Families, please follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see photos and updates of your pet’s family!


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